Lockwood Vineyard Wine List

Wine Making

Lockwood wines are made in the traditional manner. The grapes are checked regularly prior to harvest to ensure optimal ripeness and when ready they are hand picked in the early morning. They are then transferred to the cool room prior to crushing and destemming.

Red wines are innoculated with yeast immediately while for white wines the juice and skin mixture is transferred to the cool room for  a few hours before the skins are removed using a traditional basket press. The juice is then left for a few days to allow the heavier particles to settle before the yeast is added. The white wines are fermented in variable capacity stainless steel containers while the red wines are fermented in open tanks. The skins and stems are either used for compost or fed to local sheep.

Wines are bottled using a single bottle vacuum filler and labels are applied individually by hand.


Our initial Cabernet Sauvignon wine was made from our first vintage in 2004 and a second Cab Sav was produced in 2005. Both were made by Phil and Jill Lindsay. In 2007 we produced our first two wines from the vines we planted in 2004- a Chardonnay and Shiraz-Viognier. (These proved very popular and are now sold out). Both white and red wines have been produced each year since then and in June 2009 we were granted our liquor licence.

Lockwood Wines from Lockwood Vineyard
PO Box 1400, Young NSW 2594
ph: (02) 6382 4452
Liquor Licence No. LIQW880010104

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